Often asked: What Do Triangle Bands Do For Braces?

How long does it take for Triangle elastics to work?

For elastics to truly work, they need to be on about 20 hours a day. That means they’re on when you’re awake and sleeping, and the only time they’re off is when you’re eating or brushing your teeth.

What do Class 2 triangle elastics do?

CLASS II ELASTICS – Retracts upper teeth and moves lower teeth forward, reducing overjet. Run elastic from upper cuspid hook to the lower 1st or 2nd molar hook, as instructed. Run the elastic from the upper cuspid to the lower 1st premolar and then to the lower 1st molar to form a triangle.

What do Triangle bands fix?

Fixing Open Bites With Rubber Bands Applying the rubber bands in this pattern helps to pull the top teeth forward and the bottom teeth back. Watch the video below to see how triangle elastics can help fix an open bite.

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Why are my braces triangles?

Dark triangles are caused either by the shape of teeth or health/shape of the gum between the teeth. The shape of the teeth play a critical role in the presence of dark triangles. If teeth are rectangular in shape, their flat sides lay side-by-side with little or no space between them.

What happens if I don’t wear my rubber bands for a day?

If your supply is low, call our office to get more. If you happen to forget to wear your elastics one day, don’t double up the next day, just follow your regular instructions. Rubber bands get tired. When they lose their stretch, they don’t provide the proper pressure on your teeth and jaws.

What is the last stage of braces?

The third and final phase of orthodontic treatment is the retention phase. This phase occurs once the teeth have moved into the desired position and the use of the dental appliance ceases.

How long do Class 2 elastics take?

It could range from a month to 6-8 months. During the time you wear your elastics, it’s important to wear them for 24 hours every day unless otherwise directed. The only times you should remove your elastics are: To brush your teeth.

Can I wear my rubber bands only at night?

At first, Dr. Douglas and Larry Harte may recommend you wear the elastics both day and night for an extended time. You may be told to switch only to nighttime wear once the teeth are set in the correct position. By consistently wearing the elastics, you can shorten the overall time your braces will have to be on.

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What happens if you double up on your rubber bands for braces?

DON’T – Double up on elastics as this will cause too much pressure on the tooth or teeth and can actually harm the root of the tooth. DO – Always wash your hands before removing or replacing the rubber bands. DON’T – Overstretch the rubber band or it will lose its strength and it will be ineffective.

Can you over wear rubber bands?

Failure to wear your elastics full time or as instructed will lengthen your treatment time and will make it more difficult to achieve an optimal result. It’s normal for your mouth, teeth, and jaws to be a little sore for the first few days to a week of wear.

Do rubber bands move your jaw or teeth?

Usually, each time you take them out you’ll replace them with new ones – they stretch easily. This is not a time to cheat: The force of the elastics is what moves your teeth or jaw, and you cannot skimp on wear time if you want your treatment to progress correctly.

Do elastics really work?

You may think that no little rubber band can move an entire jaw, but the truth is elastics are effective and fast when properly worn and prescribed. In only a few months, we can significantly affect your jaw movement in the correct direction. The trick is, our patients must wear the rubber bands regularly, as directed.

Do black triangles go away?

Brushing with a soft brush, flossing with care, and practicing oral hygiene twice daily will oftentimes reverse these black triangles. There is also something called Hyaluronic acid treatment. This is something your dentist can perform, resulting in regenerated gum tissue. However, this treatment does not last forever.

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Can you get black triangles from braces?

The belief that black triangles are caused by orthodontic treatment, such as braces or Invisalign, is false. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t cause black triangles; it simply exposes them. When your teeth are aligned, receding gums or lack of gum tissue between the teeth can expose these black triangles.

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